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If you are considering dental treatment in Turkey, please contact us. We will do our best to make your experience perfect.

Cure Voyage

Nowadays, with various tools of communication and transport, the world has become a smaller place. People can interact with other people all over the world and trends are globalising very quickly. We can say that travelling for health is also among the trends in the world. Medical solutions can be preferred especially to maintain or improve the aesthetics of human appearance. For this reason, people decide to travel to receive health services far away from their homes. Of course, there are many factors behind this decision. First of all, price, quality balance is important. It is questioned how to get better quality health service at a more affordable price. Again, including treatments in a holiday plan is another issue that increases motivation. Because of technology, fast and comfortable treatments can be performed. Turkey is a very popular destination for both holiday and medical treatment.

Turkey has a good reputation in medical aesthetic solutions such as dental treatments, hair transplantation, obesity surgery. Because it has advantages such as qualified medical teams, the use of high technology in modern medical clinics, and affordable prices. People who want to take advantage of this opportunity usually have good experiences. But unfortunately, there are also people who leave with bad memories. Because it is unfortunately difficult to be sure about a distant healthcare service provider.

Cure Voyage has been established by a team that has worked for many years in the biggest institutions of the dental care sector in Turkey. Its goal is to provide quality dental treatment services at affordable prices to people who have chosen Turkey for dental treatment away from home. When you think about it, travelling to Turkey for dental treatment is a great effort. Cure Voyage makes your life easier;

  • Allows you to consult with the dentist online.
  • Helps you find flights and accommodation. 
  • Recommends a good dental centre in the city you want to travel to.
  • Provides free transfer between airport, hotel and dental centre. 
  • Informs you about the things to do in the city. 
  • Accompany you during the treatment and provide translation support.
  • Follows up for the ideal completion of your treatment. 
  • We make reminders after the treatment, we are your friend who cares about your health in Turkey for a lifetime.
  • You are always free to contact and ask questions.
  • In addition, it does not create additional costs for you, unlike that, it saves you money.

"To maintain a business model that enables our customers to access quality health solutions easily and recommend them to their relatives with peace of mind." Cure Voyage wants to achieve its vision.

Our Mission is “We are committed to prioritising our customers' satisfaction and adhering to ethical principles so that they can complete their treatment safely and comfortably. We strive to achieve positive results in health experiences by sharing our expertise in accessing high quality healthcare services at affordable prices with our customers.”

If you are considering dental treatment in Turkey, please contact us. We will do our best to make your experience perfect.

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