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Tooth Extraction Treatment

Tooth extraction is performed by dentists as a last choice. Because dentists prefer dental treatments that protect the healthy tooth tissue as much as possible. Especially tooth loss in the anterior region may also cause aesthetic concerns. Fortunately, there are ways to treat lost teeth.

Losing Teeth is Sad
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Teeth damaged by decay or fracture can be treated with fillings or veneers mostly. However, if the damage of the tooth is too serious for restoration, your dentist may decide to extract the tooth as a last option.

The gum problems can cause the bone that surrounds the teeth to melt. As a result, the tooth loses its support and wobbles. In cases where gum treatment is insufficient, teeth may need to be extracted.

Sometimes the teeth cannot erupt into the mouth and remain embedded in the jawbone. It is most commonly seen in wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can lean against the teeth next to them and cause decay, erosion of the tooth roots or infections in the jawbone. Not all impacted teeth need to be extracted, but impacted teeth that cause such damage should be extracted. Therefore, follow-up of impacted teeth is recommended annually.

If the wisdom teeth do not erupt completely, the gum covering the tooth may become infected. It is called pericoronitis. Pericoronitis can cause recurrent problems such as pain, swelling, jaw locking and fever. In this case, the tooth must be extracted. In cases where wisdom teeth completely erupt, they may also need to be extracted. Because it is so far back, it can be difficult to brush. In cases the teeth erupts towards the tongue or cheek, sores may occur due to biting of soft tissue. When the wisdom teeth erupt, they may push the other teeth and cause crowding.

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Impacted Tooth


If the tooth decay is very serious, the tooth loses its vitality. An infection may occur at the root if the tooth is not treated when it has lost its vitality. It usually reveals itself with chewing pain, acne-like swelling and abscesses in the gum area, and sometimes spontaneous pain. If the infection does not cure with root canal treatment, the tooth must be extracted.


In most of the severe crowding cases, there is discrepancy between teeth size and space available for them. Orthodontist may suggest extraction before orthodontic treatment to manage crowding. At the end of treatment, space of extracted teeth will be completely closed without need for any additional treatment.

The dentist may decide on tooth extraction treatment as a last option, because ...

  • Unable to treat cracked and decayed teeth
  • Having extreme periodontal problems
  • Impacted teeth cause problems
  • Problems caused by wisdom teeth
  • Infections and abscesses in the tooth root
  • Orthodontic treatment purposes


Tooth Removal


What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a surgical intervention in which the tooth is removed from the jawbone and removed from the mouth under local anaesthesia without damaging the surrounding tissues.


Are there any risks of tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction may have some risks and complications. If the adjacent tooth has large fillings or veneers, fillings and veneers may be damaged during tooth extraction. Fractures of the adjacent teeth can occur very rarely. Especially after wisdom tooth extraction, cold and hot sensitivity may temporarily increase in the adjacent teeth. When the healing is complete, there wont be sensitivity.

Recovery is not complete if a clot does not form after extraction. In this case, the patient may suffer from severe pain called dry socket. Since the area of the extracted tooth does not form a clot, it appears white and bad breath occurs. If these symptoms are present, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Dry socket can be seen mostly in patients who smoke, use hormone-containing drugs such as oral contraceptive and use bisphosphonates.

Nerve damage is unlikely to occur during the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are very close to the nerve, your doctor will share this information with you before the extraction. Minor nerve damage usually heals spontaneously. In rare cases, it is permanent.

Sinus exposure can occur during the extraction of upper molars. If there is such a risk, your doctor will inform you before surgical tooth extraction. If the sinus exposure is small and there is no infection in the sinus, the gap closes with medication. In large openings, surgical procedure may be required.


Complicated Tooth Extraction


Treatments that complement tooth extraction

The gap formed after tooth extraction has negative effects on oral and dental health. The adjacent teeth may shift towards the extraction cavity. It causes loss of jawbone, chewing difficulty, malocclusion and aesthetic concerns. There are many options for filling the cavity after tooth extraction. The most ideal of these is dental implants. Dental implants are a titanium screw that is placed in the location of the extracted tooth on the jawbone and acts as a tooth root. After the tooth is extracted, the jawbone is expected to heal. Then implant treatment is performed. However, if the bone structure is suitable and there is no infection, both tooth extraction and implant can be performed on the same day. One of the biggest advantages of dental implants compared to other treatments is the prevention of jawbone loss and its application without damaging other teeth.

In a dental bridge, the adjacent teeth are cut to fill the tooth gap. They are connected to each other with a bridge. Dental bridges are not removeable. It is performed in a shorter time compared to dental implants, but the adjacent teeth need to be cut and bone loss may occur where the extracted tooth is positioned over time.

If the patient does not prefer dental implants, removable prosthesis treatment can be applied in cases where there is a lot of tooth loss. It is less comfortable than fixed prosthesis. It is made by taking support from the remaining teeth. There may be losses in the jawbone as time passes. Dentures are removable.

In cases where the positions of the bone and teeth are appropriate, it is possible to close the extraction gaps with orthodontic treatment, especially for young patients. It takes longer time than other treatments and requires frequent control periods.


How much is tooth extraction price in Turkey?

Tooth extraction prices may be comparatively lower in Turkey. The prices of other complementary treatments can also be listed in the mini price list, please check it.

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey  
Panaromic X-ray Free
Dental Tomography Free
Examination Free
Local Anesthesia Free
Tooth Extraction£ 30
Complicated Tooth Extraction£ 40
Impacted Tooth Extraction£ 125
Impacted Tooth Extraction with Bone Retention£ 170
Bego Dental Implant with Dental Crown£ 590
Alpha-Bio Dental Implant with Dental Crown£ 590
Nobel Dental Implant with Dental Crown£ 800
Straumann Dental Implant with Dental Crown£ 875
Metal Porcelain Crown (per tooth)£ 130
Zirconium Crown (per tooth)£ 195
emax Crown (per tooth)£ 325
Denture (per jaw)£ 475


What to do after tooth extraction?

The healing period after tooth extraction depends on post-treatment care. In order to shorten the healing time after tooth extraction, the patient should pay attention to ....

  • The sterile sponge in your mouth must be bitten for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it is discarded and not replaced.
  • Do not eat or drink for 2 hours. Especially this rule should be followed until the numbness disappears. Sores may occur in the mouth by biting the tongue, lips and cheeks due to numbness without realising it.
  • During the day, hot food and drinks should not be consumed. Warm and cold foods should be consumed.
  • It is normal to have leaky bleeding throughout the day. As long as the bleeding continues, you should not spit or rinse your mouth. Thus, a clot will form in the area and the bleeding will stop earlier.
  • If antibiotics or painkillers are prescribed, they should be used in accordance with the dentist's advice.
  • No smoking for 48 hours.
  • Teeth can be brushed 24 hours after treatment. Be careful not to damage the extraction site, it should be brushed gently.
  • It is recommended to apply ice after surgical extractions. It should be applied for 5 minutes outside the cheek and rest for 5 minutes. It prevents swelling and bruising afterwards.
  • In order not to prevent the stitches from come out, the cheeks or lips should not be pulled in order to see the area.
  • Consult your doctor if you need to use medicines such as blood thinners and aspirin.

How to do tooth extraction?
Panaromic X Ray and Examination
Panaromic X-ray & Detalied Examination

A panoramic X-ray image is taken and then a detailed examination is performed. If your dentist decides to extract the tooth, she will ask for information about your general health. Detailed and accurate information should be given to the dentist at this stage. It prevents negativities to be faced after treatment.

Local Anaesthesia Performing
Local Anaesthesia Performing

Local anaesthesia is usually applied to the area where tooth extraction will be performed and it is waited for a while to numb. General anaesthesia or sedation may be preferred in children, disabled people or people with some systemic disorders. Tooth extraction is painless with local anaesthesia, but the pressure applied to the tooth can be felt.

Tooth Removal
Bye-bye the Tooth

First dentist will gently loosen your teeth, then remove it from bone with special medical instruments. In some situations where it is not possible to extract the tooth at once, it may be necessary to divide the tooth and remove it. Usually, ordinary tooth extraction does not require stitches, rarely one or two stitches may be needed.

Surgical Tooth Extraction
If Surgical Extraction is Needed

Firstly, the dentist makes an incision on the gum, then reaches the tooth by lifting some bone. The dentist separates the tooth from the jawbone once or by splitting the tooth. Stitches are required after surgical extraction. Dentists may want to check the healing, usually in difficult extractions, and a second visit may be necessary after about a week.

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After the Operation

When the dentist does not require a control appointment, the treatment is completed in a single session while using self-melting sutures. After the extraction of the impacted wisdom tooth, the patient can return to his routine life immediately. Unlike ordinary extraction, some swelling, pain and bruising may be observed. If the patient is well cared for after surgery, these negativities will disappear in a short time.

Dental Aftercare
Tooth Extraction Aftercare

The healing period after tooth extraction depends on post-treatment care. In order to shorten the healing time after tooth extraction, the patient should pay attention to the article above which is headed "What to do after tooth extraction?"

Patients’ Opinion Matters!

We do our best to ensure that our patients' dental treatments are comfortable. Keeping their satisfaction at the highest level is very important to us.

Melissa N. 01.03.2023
I wanted the smile makeover. I researched and contacted this firm. I had an online consultation with the dentist in Turkey. She convinced me that if we improve the alignment of my teeth, I will have an aesthetic appearance with laminate veneer without much damage to my teeth. She said that we could start clear aligner treatment first, but she said that the issue would be more clear in the clinical environment. The process progressed as we discussed at the beginning. It took some time, but I have both aesthetic and healthy teeth.
Jacob C. 04.06.2023
I have my wedding next month and I want everything to be perfect. I was not happy with the shape and colour of my teeth. I had some friends who had their teeth done in Turkey. I quickly searched the internet and met this team. They accompanied me throughout my entire treatment. I am very pleased with the clinic they recommended to me. I would like to thank my dentists and their team for giving me this beautiful smile before my wedding.
Georgiana B. 15.04.2023
I wished to reward myself and decided to have laminate veneers on my teeth. While searching on the internet, I realised that it was cheaper in Turkey. As a result, I contacted the company. They guided me and i went to Istanbul. Doctor Ege examined me and said that laminate veneers were not suitable. Because I was clenching my teeth too hard and the laminate veneer could be broken. He offered an alternative that we can achieve aesthetics with zirconium crowns, although not as much as laminate. I accepted but I had concerns. When my treatment was completed, I realised that my worries were unnecessary because it felt good. I liked that he warned me and gave up laminate.
Yusra B. 25.11.2022
I have a friend who has had teeth done in Turkey and is very naturalistic. I wanted teeth that were not noticeable by others, but I had mobility in my front teeth. I was very afraid of losing my teeth. When I sent my X-rays and photos, they said that there was nothing to be afraid of and that gum treatment would be done before the crown. When I first came to the clinic, the doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable. First, my gum treatment was done and it was expected to heal for 5 days. Afterwards, they made my teeth cut and took their measurements. After a very short time, I had teeth that were not noticeable from others, just as I wanted. When I looked at the mirror they gave me after they bonded my teeth, I couldn't stop myself from being surprised at how it could be so much natural. A team that understands your wishes and supports you from beginning to end.
Maciej M. 02.07.2023
I had heard that dental treatments were cheap in Turkey. I was concerned about the situation of some of my teeth. I did some research and met with various dentists. In general, they offered to make veneers on my 10 teeth to make my smile aesthetic. I also contacted Belal from this agency and he contacted me with prosthesis specialist Ege. Ege said that he thought I could have an aesthetic smile with fewer veneers. I wanted my teeth to look as natural as possible, so it built trust. I had planned a long holiday, I had a plan just in case. At first, I went to Ege's clinic, I was examined and we decided to make laminate veneers only on my 2 teeth that were worn out. So it was even less costly. My treatment was over before we could even discover Istanbul. I continued my holiday with my new teeth.
Samantha K. 12.04.2023
I could not laugh in front of my friends, I was constantly covering my mouth with my hand. I was very bored with this situation and I wanted to take action anyway. I found this place in my research on the internet and I contacted very quickly. When I told my story, they listened to me calmly and explained the solution very quickly and clearly. I liked this situation very much and we took the necessary actions without wasting any time. When I came to the clinic, they said that I had bone loss in some parts of my jaw, but that they would solve it with the most appropriate method. I reported that I could not sit on the couch for a long time and the doctor really acted very quickly and placed 4 implants on top and 2 implants on the bottom in almost 2 hours. We made an appointment for 3 months later and I had no problems with my temprorary teeth until then. When I came to the second time, they make my teeth without any trouble, I am very happy now and I can laugh as I want.
Ergunnes 01.10.2023
The dental crowns that I had done before harmed my gums and got a bad appearance. I wanted to change it, I reached this company by searching the internet. We had an online meeting and the dentist listened to me. The treatment plan they offered me seemed appropriate. We arranged my travel and accommodation with the company representative. They picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. Everything went very well. I rested for a day and then went to the clinic for my appointment. I had an x-ray and was examined. Doctor Ege created a new plan almost similar to the treatment plan they had made in our previous meeting. Istanbul was very fun, and my treatment was completed as I wanted.
Hazal D. 12.08.2023
I was not satisfied with my crowns that I had used before and I thought that they should be changed and I should use more natural crowns. I started to do research on the internet. When I found this place, they said that my gums might have problems and that's why my pain might be because of this. When I came to the clinic, we learnt that I had inflammation in my gums. Gum treatment was started quickly. first they made a proving and although it was a trial, it was very nice. After my recovery was complete, I went again and they took my impression. I had even more beautiful teeth than in the trial.
Pauline G. 25.10.2022
During our planned holiday in Turkey, I learnt that the dental service prices here are affordable. I met Mr. Bilal from the research I did on the internet. With his interest and quick guidance, we made an appointment to the dental clinic. I had a very fast and painless treatment process. At the end of the day, my veneer was natural and real like as I wanted.
Elena 02.05.2023
I was sure that my teeth would look different, so I thought I would feel better. I contacted with the recommendation of a friend. We met online, dentist Ege said that my smile was very aesthetic. At first I didn't understand why he did this, I thought it would be better to research other places, but during the conversation I realised that he cared about natural teeth. He also understood my concerns, I decided to be treated. Turkey is already a country where I have visited a lot, I like to spend summers in Antalya. I prepared my trip and set off for Istanbul. We completed my treatment in a short time, I am very satisfied.
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