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Dental Treatments Under General Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia is a good choice for dental treatments to be comfortable for both the patient and the dentist. The anaesthetist and team take care of the patient throughout the treatment. It is performed in the operating theatre environment.

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Dentist visits are not as comfortable for every individual. Some people are extremely afraid of dental treatment. These people have a phobia of dentists. They avoid treatment as much as possible. They do not allow the dentist to work during dental treatment because of these phobias. In this case, it will be possible for both the patient and the dentist to perform the treatment under general anaesthesia.

It is important to protect the oral and dental health of disabled people. Therefore, dentist visits should be done regularly. If disabled people need dental treatment, local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia solutions are decided according to their psychological state. If the patient's psychology does not allow dental treatment under local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia is preferred.

Some patients may need many different dental treatments. Patients may request that their treatment be completed in one visit. Dental treatments can take a long time to complete and can cause serious discomfort for the patient who has to keep their mouth open. In such cases, patients may prefer to have dental treatment under general anaesthesia.

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If the patients using blood thinners need major surgical treatment, it is recommended to be treated under general anaesthesia. Because bleeding is controlled during general anaesthesia and a safer treatment environment is provided.

General anaesthesia is becoming more common in oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery. Because the treatments such as treatment of broken jawbone, treatment of large cysts and tumours, treatment of cleft lip and palate and orthognathic surgery cannot be performed with local anaesthesia. 

Patients may rarely be allergic to local anaesthetics. Two types of allergy are known: early-type and late-type. Early-type allergy occurs within about 60 minutes after the drug is administered. Itching, blistering and redness in a different area from where the drug is applied may be an indication of allergy. Life-threatening symptoms such as shortness of breath, low blood pressure, vomiting and swelling of the small tongue may also be observed. Late-type allergy starts a few hours after the drug is administered and reaches its maximum level after 72 hours. Symptoms such as swelling, redness and itching in the anaesthetised area may be indicative of late-type allergy. In such cases, it is important to visit an allergy specialist. Patients who develop allergies to local anaesthetics may prefer dental treatment under general anaesthesia.

During dental treatment, you must remain still and follow the dentist's instructions. Patients who cannot fulfil these conditions may have maladjustment. It is usually seen in children and makes treatment impossible. However, both adults and children may have a gag reflex. The gag reflex will cause a disturbance of compliance. It will be convenient to perform the treatment under general anaesthesia.


General Anaesthesia Dental


What is dentistry with general anaesthesia?

It is the preparation of patients for dental treatments in a sleeping state by applying intravenous drugs and gases. General anaesthesia should be performed in the operating theatre.


Is dentistry under general anaesthesia safe?

The anaesthesiologist is present at the patient's bedside throughout the operation, controls vital functions and creates a safe treatment environment. The anaesthetist monitors the depth of sleep and administers medication during the operation in a controlled manner. Thus, it is ensured that the patient does not wake up during anaesthesia. Although it is very rare, the patient may wake up during the procedure. Anaesthesia works as long as the operation continues.

It is important that the patient follows the preparation procedure before the operation. Medical tests requested by the anaesthesiologist must be performed by the patient. The anaesthesiologist will give approval according to the test results.

People can be allergic to anaesthetics, just as they can be allergic to any medication. Allergies to anaesthetic drugs are very rarely encountered. The anaesthetist is very well trained in this area and will intervene if an allergy appears. When allergy starts, the anaesthesiologist continues the process with a different group of anaesthetics.

Dental General Anaesthesia


How much does general anaesthesia cost in Turkey?

The cost of general anaesthesia may be relatively cheaper in Turkey.

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey 
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General Anaesthesia£ 345
Sedation£ 260

How is general anaesthesia performed?
Suitable for General Anaesthesia
Suitable for General Anaesthesia

If dental treatment with general anaesthesia is decided, information about the general health status of the patient is obtained and some tests are requested. When the general health condition and analyses are found to be appropriate, the patients are taken into treatment. The patient is informed about what to do before general anaesthesia. The operation is started if the patient has completely fulfilled the preoperative stage.


The patient is prepared in the clinical environment, a surgical gown is put on, an intravenous line is opened and the serum is connected. The patient is transferred from the stretcher to the operating table. Various medical instruments are attached to the patient to monitor vital functions throughout the operation. Oxygen is administered to the patient with a mask, and then drugs that will not make the patient feel pain, put the patient into a special sleep state and relax the muscles are given to the patient intravenously.

Sleep Weel
Sleep Well

Once the patient is asleep, a tube is inserted into the windpipe and anaesthetic gases mixed with oxygen are administered. Anaesthesia continues as long as anaesthetic drugs are administered, the process ends when the drugs are discontinued and the patient wakes up. The anaesthesiologist and his/her team are constantly with the patient during this process and monitor the clinical findings of the patient during the treatment and intervene when necessary.

Treatment Finalised
Treatment Finalised

After the treatment is completed, the patient is awakened. All anaesthetic drugs are discontinued, the patient is awakened and all vital functions are restored. Afterwards, the patient is kept for a while to monitor the effect of the drugs used and to control the pain. After the parameters such as respiration, pulse and blood pressure are stable, the patient is sent to the observation room with the approval of the anaesthesiologist. The patient rests until the effect of anaesthesia wears off and is checked by the anaesthesia team. The patient who has completely recovered from the anaesthesia effect is discharged.

Patients’ Opinion Matters!

We do our best to ensure that our patients' dental treatments are comfortable. Keeping their satisfaction at the highest level is very important to us.

Melissa N. 01.03.2023
I wanted the smile makeover. I researched and contacted this firm. I had an online consultation with the dentist in Turkey. She convinced me that if we improve the alignment of my teeth, I will have an aesthetic appearance with laminate veneer without much damage to my teeth. She said that we could start clear aligner treatment first, but she said that the issue would be more clear in the clinical environment. The process progressed as we discussed at the beginning. It took some time, but I have both aesthetic and healthy teeth.
Jacob C. 04.06.2023
I have my wedding next month and I want everything to be perfect. I was not happy with the shape and colour of my teeth. I had some friends who had their teeth done in Turkey. I quickly searched the internet and met this team. They accompanied me throughout my entire treatment. I am very pleased with the clinic they recommended to me. I would like to thank my dentists and their team for giving me this beautiful smile before my wedding.
Georgiana B. 15.04.2023
I wished to reward myself and decided to have laminate veneers on my teeth. While searching on the internet, I realised that it was cheaper in Turkey. As a result, I contacted the company. They guided me and i went to Istanbul. Doctor Ege examined me and said that laminate veneers were not suitable. Because I was clenching my teeth too hard and the laminate veneer could be broken. He offered an alternative that we can achieve aesthetics with zirconium crowns, although not as much as laminate. I accepted but I had concerns. When my treatment was completed, I realised that my worries were unnecessary because it felt good. I liked that he warned me and gave up laminate.
Yusra B. 25.11.2022
I have a friend who has had teeth done in Turkey and is very naturalistic. I wanted teeth that were not noticeable by others, but I had mobility in my front teeth. I was very afraid of losing my teeth. When I sent my X-rays and photos, they said that there was nothing to be afraid of and that gum treatment would be done before the crown. When I first came to the clinic, the doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable. First, my gum treatment was done and it was expected to heal for 5 days. Afterwards, they made my teeth cut and took their measurements. After a very short time, I had teeth that were not noticeable from others, just as I wanted. When I looked at the mirror they gave me after they bonded my teeth, I couldn't stop myself from being surprised at how it could be so much natural. A team that understands your wishes and supports you from beginning to end.
Maciej M. 02.07.2023
I had heard that dental treatments were cheap in Turkey. I was concerned about the situation of some of my teeth. I did some research and met with various dentists. In general, they offered to make veneers on my 10 teeth to make my smile aesthetic. I also contacted Belal from this agency and he contacted me with prosthesis specialist Ege. Ege said that he thought I could have an aesthetic smile with fewer veneers. I wanted my teeth to look as natural as possible, so it built trust. I had planned a long holiday, I had a plan just in case. At first, I went to Ege's clinic, I was examined and we decided to make laminate veneers only on my 2 teeth that were worn out. So it was even less costly. My treatment was over before we could even discover Istanbul. I continued my holiday with my new teeth.
Samantha K. 12.04.2023
I could not laugh in front of my friends, I was constantly covering my mouth with my hand. I was very bored with this situation and I wanted to take action anyway. I found this place in my research on the internet and I contacted very quickly. When I told my story, they listened to me calmly and explained the solution very quickly and clearly. I liked this situation very much and we took the necessary actions without wasting any time. When I came to the clinic, they said that I had bone loss in some parts of my jaw, but that they would solve it with the most appropriate method. I reported that I could not sit on the couch for a long time and the doctor really acted very quickly and placed 4 implants on top and 2 implants on the bottom in almost 2 hours. We made an appointment for 3 months later and I had no problems with my temprorary teeth until then. When I came to the second time, they make my teeth without any trouble, I am very happy now and I can laugh as I want.
Ergunnes 01.10.2023
The dental crowns that I had done before harmed my gums and got a bad appearance. I wanted to change it, I reached this company by searching the internet. We had an online meeting and the dentist listened to me. The treatment plan they offered me seemed appropriate. We arranged my travel and accommodation with the company representative. They picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. Everything went very well. I rested for a day and then went to the clinic for my appointment. I had an x-ray and was examined. Doctor Ege created a new plan almost similar to the treatment plan they had made in our previous meeting. Istanbul was very fun, and my treatment was completed as I wanted.
Hazal D. 12.08.2023
I was not satisfied with my crowns that I had used before and I thought that they should be changed and I should use more natural crowns. I started to do research on the internet. When I found this place, they said that my gums might have problems and that's why my pain might be because of this. When I came to the clinic, we learnt that I had inflammation in my gums. Gum treatment was started quickly. first they made a proving and although it was a trial, it was very nice. After my recovery was complete, I went again and they took my impression. I had even more beautiful teeth than in the trial.
Pauline G. 25.10.2022
During our planned holiday in Turkey, I learnt that the dental service prices here are affordable. I met Mr. Bilal from the research I did on the internet. With his interest and quick guidance, we made an appointment to the dental clinic. I had a very fast and painless treatment process. At the end of the day, my veneer was natural and real like as I wanted.
Elena 02.05.2023
I was sure that my teeth would look different, so I thought I would feel better. I contacted with the recommendation of a friend. We met online, dentist Ege said that my smile was very aesthetic. At first I didn't understand why he did this, I thought it would be better to research other places, but during the conversation I realised that he cared about natural teeth. He also understood my concerns, I decided to be treated. Turkey is already a country where I have visited a lot, I like to spend summers in Antalya. I prepared my trip and set off for Istanbul. We completed my treatment in a short time, I am very satisfied.
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