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Every Smile is Special

When we brought people who wanted to have dental treatment in Turkey together with good dental centres, many happy smiles appeared.

Zirconia Crowns Before After
Dental Implants Zirconium Crowns Before After
All on Four Treatment Before After
Zirconium Crowns Smile Makeover Before After
Zirconium Crowns Smile Makeover Before After
Emax Laminate Veneer Smile Makeover
Zirconium Crowns Smile Makeover Before After
Zirconium Crowns Smile Makeover Before After

Smile Always

Smiling always wins. Our smile earns us in our social life or in our work environment. We can understand the mood of a person we love from her/his smile. We share their happiness or try to solve the problem, if any. 
If we are in too much of a hurry to speak two words, we greet with a smile. It is both an effective and quick solution. With a smile, hearts soften, goodness surrounds, and the world changes. 
If we cannot smile only because of aesthetic concerns, let's not worry, because it is now very easy to solve. Please take a look at the new smile received by the people who contacted us. If you want to get quality dental treatment at low cost in Turkey, we are here for you. Please contact us.

"Turkey Teeth" with Pros and Cons

During the globalisation period, the world has more effective methods of communication and travel. Every day these tools are developing and evolving to a different dimension. When a person travelling from abroad to Turkey for dental treatment, he/she can influence the crowds by using social media communication channels. Turkish teeth became a trend in this way and quickly attracted the attention of many people all over the world.

Lots of people dream of a perfect smile. With the development of travel opportunities, travelling between countries has become very easy. In addition, social media allows people living in any part of the world to be in touch with people living in many different places.  Thus, the experiences of people travelling from their country to Turkey and having dental treatment easily affect people living in different parts of the world.

Smile makeover is a part of cosmetic dentistry. It contains more than one dental treatment component. It is personalised and provides aesthetics to the face. Aesthetic smile makeovers performed successfully by specialised dentists in Turkey satisfy the patients.  Smile makeovers made as a result of the people's desire to have whiter coloured teeth have become a trend as “Turkey Teeth”.


Is Turkey Good or Bad for Dental Treatments?

One of the main reasons for the increasing interest in Turkish Teeth is that it is cheaper. Especially in the United Kingdom, United States and European countries, dental treatment services are more costly than being in Turkey. Because in Turkey, life costs and labour costs are lower.  In addition, health institutions benefit from government incentives for health tourism.  The spread of dental tourism throughout the country has increased competition and provided the opportunity to have dental treatment at more affordable prices. Additionally, the increase in the exchange rate also reduces the cost of dental treatments for health tourists.

In Turkey, not only the affordable dental treatments, but also the successful treatments performed by Turkish dentists with their qualifications and experience increase the interest in Turkey Teeth. Dentists who graduate with a good education strictly adhere to ethical behaviour. Patient health and satisfaction are prioritised. Turkish dentists who believe in continuous learning perform successful treatments in their field by receiving speciality training in dentistry after their undergraduate education. They try to constantly update their knowledge by following the developments in the world. Due to the lack of importance given to oral and dental health by the public in Turkey, very challenging cases are treated by Turkish dentists. This factor increases the qualifications of dentists.

The best dental centres in Turkey usually have advanced technology used in treatments.  However, treatment materials are used in brands that have proven themselves in the world. The fact that dental treatments are cheaper does not mean that they are of inferior quality. Because the treatments done in the best clinics in Turkey are performed by specialised dentists using high technology with the best brand treatment materials on a global scale.

As in every part of the world, there are advantages and risks of dental treatment in Turkey as well. Dental treatment is largely completed in a happy and healthy way.  Very rare complications or wrong clinic choices made by people with high cost motivation cause negativities. These negativities are usually mentioned as if they are constantly experienced but they are not.  As a matter of fact, there are simple methods to avoid these negativities, which are very low compared to the number of treatments performed.


Why Turkey for Dental Tourism

Turkey is an attractive destination for holidays with its natural and cultural beauties. During your holiday, you can have the aesthetic smile you dream of in good dental centres where experienced dentists perform treatments using high-tech and quality materials. It is a great advantage that dental treatment costs are relatively very affordable.  Dental tourism is very popular in Turkey. The dental centres have developed special protocols to maximise the comfort of patients both during treatment and during the travel process. They have teams ready to support you before, during and after the treatment.  They also provide assistance in the native language as much as possible. Most of the dentists can speak English.  Thus, they can understand you in the best way and share solutions. Dental centres facilitate your treatment experience by giving you access to services such as flight tickets, accommodation, transfers. Joining the Turkey Teeth trend is very simple.


How to Avoid “Turkey Teeth Gone Wrong”

People who want to have dental treatment in Turkey will pay attention to a few factors that will keep the success of the treatment and the experience at the highest level.

  • Cost motivation increases the risk. People who want to be treated should investigate the price policy of good dental centres.  Because the quality of the materials used during the treatments, the labour force of qualified dentists, the labour force of qualified teams are reflected in the cost of the treatment. do not worry, even the service you will receive in the best conditions will be relatively more affordable in Turkey. do not choose the clinic that applies the cheapest treatment. it is useful to do a detailed research on clinics and dentists.
  • Meet the dentist who will treat you, if possible, and enquire about his/her background and experience. Thus, you can have preliminary information about the dentist by doing a simple internet search.
  • Review patient reviews of dental centres and dentists from various platforms (Google, trustpilot, social media channels)
  • Ask the clinic where you will be treated to inform you about the technologies, tools and materials they use.
  • Inquire about the accreditation of the clinic where you will be treated.  Never choose clinics that are not registered with the Ministry of Health because those clinics are already illegal.  However, do not forget to select clinics with local or international quality and accreditation certificates.
  • You should ask your dental centre for information about the potential risks and complications that may occur during and after the treatment.
  • Request information from your clinic about the guarantees of your treatments and the post-treatment process.

When you do these researches that will not take you much time, you will have a positive experience by having your treatments with the clinic that satisfies you.


The Easy and Safe Way to Get Dental Treatment in Turkey

Cure Voyage is here to maximise the benefits and minimise the potential risks for people who want to have dental treatment in Turkey. Contact us and we will recommend the ideal dental centre for you. We will arrange for you to meet with a specialist dentist without any cost. After the online consultation, we will share with you a customised dental treatment plan and costs. If you would like to have your dental treatment with us in Turkey, we will advise you on arranging suitable flight tickets and accommodation. We will also organise your transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic free of charge. Our representative is always ready to support you before, during and after the treatment. We will introduce you to reputable dental clinics that have developed interactive treatment protocols and provide interpretation services in various languages to best meet your expectations. We will inform you about events and things to do in the city. We will remind you to maintain your oral and dental health after treatment. We are here for you to recommend us to your loved ones with peace of mind.

In conclusion, if you want to have the aesthetic smile of your dreams in the best dental centres in Turkey, many opportunities are waiting for you. Only a few points you will pay attention to when choosing a dental centre will allow you to benefit from these opportunities in the best way. In addition, living your treatment experience with Cure Voyage will keep your satisfaction at the highest level. While having a great time on your holiday in Turkey, you can also have your new smile in a comfortable way with the Turkey Teeth concept.


Your Health Agent in Turkey

Cure Voyage has been established by a team that has worked for many years in the biggest institutions of the dental care sector in Turkey. Its goal is to provide quality dental treatment services at affordable prices to people who have chosen Turkey for dental treatment away from home. When you think about it, travelling to Turkey for dental treatment is a great effort. Cure Voyage makes your life easier;

  • Allows you to consult with the dentist online.
  • Helps you find flights and accommodation. 
  • Recommends a good dental centre in the city you want to travel to.
  • Provides free transfer between airport, hotel and dental centre. 
  • Informs you about the things to do in the city. 
  • Accompany you during the treatment and provide translation support.
  • Follows up for the ideal completion of your treatment. 
  • We make reminders after the treatment, we are your friend who cares about your health in Turkey for a lifetime.
  • You are always free to contact and ask questions.
  • In addition, it does not create additional costs for you, unlike that, it saves you money.

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