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Turkey Veneers

It is possible to obtain an aesthetic smile with Turkey veneers or dental crowns depending on the condition of the current teeth.

Veneers in Turkey: Protective and Aesthetic
Start From: £ 130 Time Scale: Single Visit
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Veneers Turkey is a good idea. If you want to improve your smile, you should take the opportunity. Veneers cost Turkey is affordable. Road map to improve the aesthetics of your smile in Turkey:

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Are Turkey Veneers Safe?

Veneers Turkey is perfectly safe. Sometimes you can see topics like Turkey's teeth gone wrong. People who want to have veneers in Turkey should pay attention to a few points. In fact, these points are notable everywhere in the world.

  • Explain your expectations to the dentist clearly. Veneers and dental crowns are different treatments. Ask him to describe the appropriate treatment for you.
  • Get treated with a dentist who specialises in prosthetic treatments. Successful and aesthetic veneers are treated by prosthodontists.
  • Check your dentist's resume and have a online search about him/her. You can find patient comments and dental implant before after images. Do not be treated by a dentist about whom you cannot find information.
  • Do research about the dental centre in Turkey. Read patient experiences on platforms such as Google and Trustpilot. Do not prefer dental centres with low scores or few comments.
  • Get your Turkey veneers done in dental clinics authorised by the Ministry of Health. Check out the documents and certificates of the dental centre in Turkey. Prefer dental clinics with local or international quality accreditations.
  • Veneers cost Turkey is affordable. Search for costs from a few clinics. Generally, quality prostheses produced in good laboratories increase costs. Please do not approach with a very low cost motivation. The life of your Turkey veneers may be short.
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Stories of the People who had Veneers Turkey

People who got their veneers in Turkey with Cure Voyage have huge smiles. Our team brings people together with the best dentists in Turkey.

Smile with Turkey Teeth before Wedding

Jacob wanted to have a new smile before he got married. His teeth were crowded and discoloured to yellow. He got aesthetic smile in Turkey with Cure Voyage. 

He consulted with his dentist about Hollywood smile in Turkey. He wanted veneers, but the prosthodontist said that zirconium crowns were suitable. So they started to build Turkey teeth.

Zirconium Crowns of Jacob


Turkey Veneers after Invisalign

Melissa was not happy with the alignment and shape of her teeth. Her teeth were not suitable for veneers Turkey in the first stage. 

Her dentist did not want to do a dental crown. Because he did not want to remove the healthy tooth surface too much. Melissa had time. First she started orthodontic treatment with invisalign. After the Invisalign treatment was successfully completed, the teeth alignment was ideal. It was now possible to change the shape of the teeth with Turkey veneers.

Invisalign and Veneers Hollywood Smile


Lower veneers cost Turkey, Bigger Smile in Turkey

Maciej thought he could get a veneers in Turkey at a very favourable price. He was right and, as an informed person, he consulted several dental centers in Turkey.

 Cure Voyage introduced him to a good prosthetist. Unlike many clinic recommendations, he recommended Turkey veneers for only 2 teeth. So Maciej would have a new and aesthetic smile in Turkey.

Turkey Veneers of Maciej


Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Elena wanted veneers on her teeth. The alignment and shape of her teeth were already beautiful. 

Her dentist insisted that she should not be treated, but he could not change her mind. So they started smile makeover in Turkey. Turkey veneers are done with minimal removal of the healthy tooth surface.

Hollywood Smile of Elena

People who got their veneers in Turkey with Cure Voyage have huge smiles. Our team brings people together with the best dentists in Turkey.


How much are veneers in Turkey?

Veneers Turkey prices are affordable. It is a good opportunity to get quality treatment services from specialised dentists. Please check the mini price list that we have prepared for you.

Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey 
Consultation Free
Panaromic X-ray Free
Examination Free
Local Anesthesia Free
Metal Porcelain Crown (per tooth) £ 130
Zirconium Crown (per tooth) £ 195
emax Crown (per tooth) £ 325
Laminate Veneers (per tooth)£ 325
Composite Bonding (per tooth)£ 110
Teeth Cleaning £ 60
Teeth Whitening (include teeth cleaning) £ 260


How much does smile makeover cost in Turkey?

The cost of smile makeover can be relatively affordable in Turkey. Since smile makeover is a concept that includes many types of treatment, the required treatments may be different according to the oral health of the person. 

Therefore, the cost will also have differences. However, the mini price list including the relevant treatments that we have prepared for you will help you to have an idea. Please check it out.

Smile Makeover Package Price List 
Consultation Free
Panaromic X-ray Free
Dental Tomography Free
3D Intraoral Scan Free
Examination Free
Smile Design Genaration by AIFree
Temporary Dental Crowns (if required)Free
Teeth Cleaning Free
Composite Dental Fillings (if required)Free
Local Anesthesia Free
Metal Porcelain Crowns (12 crowns) £ 1530
Zirconium Crowns (12 crowns)£ 2150
emax Crowns (12 crowns)£ 3580
Laminate Veneers(12 veneers)£ 3590
Composite Bonding (12 teeth)£ 1300
Metal Porcelain Crowns (16 crowns) £ 1870
Zirconium Crowns (16 crowns)£ 2810
emax Crowns (16 crowns)£ 4680
Laminate Veneers(16 veneers)£ 4680
Composite Bonding (16 teeth)£ 1580
Metal Porcelain Crowns (20 crowns) £ 2290
Zirconium Crowns (20 crowns)£ 3430
emax Crowns (20 crowns)£ 5720
Laminate Veneers(20 veneers)£ 5720
Composite Bonding (20 teeth)£ 1940
Root Canal Treatment (dental filling is free)£ 100
Teeth Whitening£ 260
Dental Curettage (per jaw, if required)£ 180
Gingival Flap Surgery (half of a jaw, if required)£ 165
Gingivectomy (per tooth, if required)£ 50


What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped and coloured prosthodontic product. It can be produced from various materials such as gold, metal, metal-porcelain, glass ceramics and zirconium. It can be used for ;

  • changing colour and aesthetics
  • repairing decayed, broken tooth structure
  • root canal treated teeth which are prone to break down.
  • covering dental implants



Does dental crowns painfull?

While doing preparations you feel zero pain because it will be done under local anesthesia. 

After the preparations your doctor will made temporary crowns in order to make you feel comfortable. If you try to be careful for preventing your teeth from hot and cold stuffs you will be totally fine until the permanent teeth are done. After luting the permanent teeth under local anesthesia you will still be fine because the teeth will be covered for good after that.

What are the pros and cons of dental crowns?

  • It iss the best way to longer lifespan of your decayed broken weak teeth.
  • It can give you an aesthetic view if your teeth is not aligned with your other teeth.
  • It can change colour of your stained or discoloured tooth.
  • Between 10-25 years if the teeth underneath the crown keeps stay healthy.(It can change its status due to some illnesses such as diabetes or trauma.)
  • On the other hand tooth preparations means removal of tooth enamel which can cause sensitivity and lead to root canal treatment.
  • It can be broken and fractured over time but also natural tooth can do it as well.
  • Lastly crowns may be expensive.



What is Hollywood Smile (smile makeover)?

Smile makeover provides the perfect smile by harmonising the teeth and gums with the face and lips. 

Hollywood smile is one of the most complex treatment in dentistry. It may seem easy and they can show you how easy it is with some photos but surely it is not. First of all, the right  diagnose, treatment plan, and also the right materials must be chosen. In order to do that you need an experienced doctor in this field.


Dental Studio


Smile makeover consists of multiple treatment choises that your dentist will choose for you in terms of necessities. These treatments are:

  • Porcelain laminate veneers
  • Zirconium and E-max glass ceramic crowns
  • Composite bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Gingival surgeries for pink aesthetic
  • If needed root canal and periodontal treatments.

Nowadays, with the easy accessibility of communication tools, different people in different parts of the world can simply interact with each other. Therefore, people's interest in their esthetics has increased. A beautiful smile has positive advantages for individuals in social environments and business life. That is why people visit dentists to have a more beautiful smile. 

Your dentist will recommend smile makeover to have the perfect smile. Most of the time people want to have a smile makeover treatment, because;

  • if they want to change the colour of his/her teeth.
  • if there are gaps between the teeth or misaligned teeth.
  • if they have missing teeth
  • if there are broken, chipped or cracked teeth
  • If they want to improve aesthetic appearance of lips and cheeks by increasing support of soft tissues.


Intraoral Scanning


Laminate veneers

It is very conservative method for keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful because only the front surface of your teeth are cut during the procedure. 

Laminate veneers are one of the most aesthetic choice. It can not be done if there are missing teeth, if teeth are overcrowded and if there is malocclusion. With laminate veneers colour, shape and volume of tooth structure can be changed easily. 

It is the most sensitive method to choose. It is as delicate as it is aesthetic. Laminate Veneeers aftercare should be done very well and the teeth should be used carefully. It is produced with very thin material that can be broken and decemented if you not pay attention to your dentist’s advice.

It takes about one week to complete the laminate veneers. At least two visits to the dentist are required.


Ceramic Laminate Veneers


Zirconium and emax glass ceramic crown restorations

Unlike laminate veneers, they are treatment methods that can be chosen for nearly every cases. They can be preferred for treatment in cases of severe crowding, missing teeth and malocclusion.

The entire surface of the teeth is cut for the dental crown, so that the artificial porcelain teeth can be produced in the adequate thickness and in the appropriate shape to maintain aesthetics.

Root canal treatment may be required during the cutting of teeth, especially those with severe crowding or malposition.

E-max glass ceramics are done to the teeth in the aesthetic zone and zirconiums at the molar area. Because zirconiums are stonger and emax glass ceramics have better light translucency for an aesthetic natural smile.

It takes about one week to complete the dental crowns. At least two visits to the dentist are required.

Dental crowns can be used if there is a lack of healthy tooth tissue that cannot be treated with fillings or dental inlays and onlays. Untreated caries grows and restoration with dental fillings becomes impossible. In this case, dental crowns are preferred as a preventive treatment.

Fractured teeth may be too seriously damaged to be restored with a dental filling. If the dentist is sure that the healthy tooth tissue is adequate, he/she may perform a dental crown. If there is heavy wear on the teeth, your dentist may recommend dental crowns to protect the remaining healthy tooth tissue.

If a tooth is lost for various reasons, the ideal solution is dental implants. However, dental implants are not preferred because of their cost or other health conditions. If your dentist decides that the adjacent teeth are handy, he/she can treat the missing tooth by creating a bridge with dental crowns.

Dental crowns are a treatment method also used to prevent aesthetic concerns. If there is a colour disharmony in the teeth or if the form of the teeth are distorted, the teeth are restored to the desired colour and appropriate form with dental crowns.


Metal And Zirconium Porcelain Crowns


Composite bonding

Its a cosmetic treatment in which a tooth coloured composite material is applied on your teeth in order to change colour, repair cracks and chippings, closing gaps and even lengthening your teeth for a better smile. 

It can be done in one dentist visit. It also has cost advantage according to dental crowns however not a long lasting treatment because of poor color stability over years and lower strength.

Consists of multiple steps such as choosing the colour, preparing the tooth surface with conditioners, applying the composite material layer by layer,curing the composite, and polishing. Nearly 3 hours are enough for 10 teeth smile design with composite bonding.


Teeth whitening

Smiling is very important for your self-confidence and may not be so hard to have a whiter smile if you have stains.

Teeth whitening is a chairside process where your doctor puts some bleaching agents on your teeth front surfaces and activate it with laser light in order to start an oxidation process. The agents are strong therefore, your dentist will take precautions to protect your gums and lips. 

For people who has only problems with colour may choose teeth whitening because it never gives any harm to your teeth and the fastest method for achieving a whiter smile. Mostly for better results in-office and at-home teeth whitening can be performed one after the other.


Teeth Whitening in Office


Gingival surgeries for pink aesthetic

Smile aesthetics has two components, white and pink aesthetics. Teeth colour, alignment and shape create white aesthetics. Pink aesthetics is the result of gingival and lips.

In some cases people wonder what is missing in their smile eventhough they have beautiful teeth. Mostly the answer is through your gums. A healthy gingiva usually has coral pink colour and do not bleed while brushing your teeth. Like the teeth, gingiva should be aligned and be in harmony for a better smile. In order to that gingival surgery may be needed. These operations are called gingivectomy which can be done in the first appointment before the preperations of your teeth.


Root canal and periodontal treatments

Root canal and periondontal treatments are supportive treatments to achieve a long term result. 

Because of the tooth preperations or caries, dental nerves may be affected during the dental treatment process. If your doctor suggests a root canal its a must to do it. This may be the result of an extra crowded teeth or large dental caries. Periondontal treatments such as curettage or scaling may also be needed for gingival health.


Are there risks of hollywood smile?

Smile makover is a process that includes many dentistry treatments. There are dentists with expertise for each treatment branch.

 Receiving treatment services from dentists who are not experienced or specialised increases the possibility of trouble. It is wise to be treated by dentists who understand your expectations and provide the ideal dental solutions for your needs.


Dental Colour Decision


Some treatments performed within the concept of smile makeover as teeth whitening may cause tooth sensitivity. This is normal and temporary. If the sensitivity is very severe or continues for a long time(more than 3 weeks), you should visit your dentist.

As a result of the treatment, gingivitis may occur in some patients. It should be treated before it causes serious gum disease. If you feel discomfort gums, you should visit your dentist.

Lack of attention to oral hygiene after treatment may cause gum disorders. In addition, if you do not fulfil the suggestions of your dentist after treatment, the treatment lifespan will be shortened.

Some dental veneers and fillings that are not well performed during the treatment will not be fitting. Thus, bacteria leak between the tooth and the material. These bacteria cause tooth decay without being noticed. Therefore, you should have your treatment in a good dental centre. After the treatment, you should not skip your routine visits to the dentist.

Smile makeover aftercare

Oral care should be done regularly if you want your new smile to be long-lasting. 

Teeth should be brushed at least 2 times a day with a soft toothbrush. Do not apply too much pressure on the treated areas in the first stage. After a while, you should start using dental floss.

Do not eat anything until the numbing effect of the local anaesthesia injected during the treatment disappears. This will prevent you from damaging soft tissues such as cheeks and lips. You should not consume foods containing colourants for 2 weeks after teeth whitening. Avoid consumption of hot and cold food. Do not smoke especially if you have teeth whitening treatment and gum treatment.

It is normal to have some pain after the treatment. You can use painkillers after consulting your dentist.

While the aesthetic expectation is high, the material used may not be very durable. Therefore, hard objects should not be bitten.

Do not miss your routine dental visits. If you want to have healthy mouth and teeth, you should visit the dentist regularly.


How is dental crown done?
Panaromic X Ray and Examination
Panaromic X-ray & Examination

A detailed intraoral examination of the patient is performed with the assistance of a panoramic X-ray image.

Digital Dental Impression

In order to build a dental crown dentist should make some preparation in your teeth first. Teeth preparations are about 1.5-2 mm in every aspect of your teeth. So the teeth gets smaller and at least 1.5 mm of crown thickness can be made in order to gain strength. Too much preparation can lead to root canal treatments for damaging the nerves and less preparations means bulky big crowns most of time can not be acceptable as they cause aesthetic problems. Preparations should be nearly matched in every angle in order to keep material strength every corner of your crown.

Dental Crown Lab
Impressions & Lab Work

After preparations are finished impressions will be taken digitally or conventionally with silicone materials. Temporary teeth will be made to cover for the teeth until the permanent teeth are done.

Turkey Veneers
New Smile!

After 3 to 7 seven days permanent crown will be luted to your prepared tooth.

Dental Treatment Aftercare
Dental Crown Aftercare

There is nothing special about it. It will be same with your other teeth. You will only brush them twice a day at least and clean with dental floss every night in order to clean contact surfaces.

Patients’ Opinion Matters!

We do our best to ensure that our patients' dental treatments are comfortable. Keeping their satisfaction at the highest level is very important to us.

Melissa N. 01.03.2023
I wanted the smile makeover. I researched and contacted this firm. I had an online consultation with the dentist in Turkey. She convinced me that if we improve the alignment of my teeth, I will have an aesthetic appearance with laminate veneer without much damage to my teeth. She said that we could start clear aligner treatment first, but she said that the issue would be more clear in the clinical environment. The process progressed as we discussed at the beginning. It took some time, but I have both aesthetic and healthy teeth.
Jacob C. 04.06.2023
I have my wedding next month and I want everything to be perfect. I was not happy with the shape and colour of my teeth. I had some friends who had their teeth done in Turkey. I quickly searched the internet and met this team. They accompanied me throughout my entire treatment. I am very pleased with the clinic they recommended to me. I would like to thank my dentists and their team for giving me this beautiful smile before my wedding.
Georgiana B. 15.04.2023
I wished to reward myself and decided to have laminate veneers on my teeth. While searching on the internet, I realised that it was cheaper in Turkey. As a result, I contacted the company. They guided me and i went to Istanbul. Doctor Ege examined me and said that laminate veneers were not suitable. Because I was clenching my teeth too hard and the laminate veneer could be broken. He offered an alternative that we can achieve aesthetics with zirconium crowns, although not as much as laminate. I accepted but I had concerns. When my treatment was completed, I realised that my worries were unnecessary because it felt good. I liked that he warned me and gave up laminate.
Yusra B. 25.11.2022
I have a friend who has had teeth done in Turkey and is very naturalistic. I wanted teeth that were not noticeable by others, but I had mobility in my front teeth. I was very afraid of losing my teeth. When I sent my X-rays and photos, they said that there was nothing to be afraid of and that gum treatment would be done before the crown. When I first came to the clinic, the doctor and staff made me feel very comfortable. First, my gum treatment was done and it was expected to heal for 5 days. Afterwards, they made my teeth cut and took their measurements. After a very short time, I had teeth that were not noticeable from others, just as I wanted. When I looked at the mirror they gave me after they bonded my teeth, I couldn't stop myself from being surprised at how it could be so much natural. A team that understands your wishes and supports you from beginning to end.
Maciej M. 02.07.2023
I had heard that dental treatments were cheap in Turkey. I was concerned about the situation of some of my teeth. I did some research and met with various dentists. In general, they offered to make veneers on my 10 teeth to make my smile aesthetic. I also contacted Belal from this agency and he contacted me with prosthesis specialist Ege. Ege said that he thought I could have an aesthetic smile with fewer veneers. I wanted my teeth to look as natural as possible, so it built trust. I had planned a long holiday, I had a plan just in case. At first, I went to Ege's clinic, I was examined and we decided to make laminate veneers only on my 2 teeth that were worn out. So it was even less costly. My treatment was over before we could even discover Istanbul. I continued my holiday with my new teeth.
Samantha K. 12.04.2023
I could not laugh in front of my friends, I was constantly covering my mouth with my hand. I was very bored with this situation and I wanted to take action anyway. I found this place in my research on the internet and I contacted very quickly. When I told my story, they listened to me calmly and explained the solution very quickly and clearly. I liked this situation very much and we took the necessary actions without wasting any time. When I came to the clinic, they said that I had bone loss in some parts of my jaw, but that they would solve it with the most appropriate method. I reported that I could not sit on the couch for a long time and the doctor really acted very quickly and placed 4 implants on top and 2 implants on the bottom in almost 2 hours. We made an appointment for 3 months later and I had no problems with my temprorary teeth until then. When I came to the second time, they make my teeth without any trouble, I am very happy now and I can laugh as I want.
Ergunnes 01.10.2023
The dental crowns that I had done before harmed my gums and got a bad appearance. I wanted to change it, I reached this company by searching the internet. We had an online meeting and the dentist listened to me. The treatment plan they offered me seemed appropriate. We arranged my travel and accommodation with the company representative. They picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. Everything went very well. I rested for a day and then went to the clinic for my appointment. I had an x-ray and was examined. Doctor Ege created a new plan almost similar to the treatment plan they had made in our previous meeting. Istanbul was very fun, and my treatment was completed as I wanted.
Hazal D. 12.08.2023
I was not satisfied with my crowns that I had used before and I thought that they should be changed and I should use more natural crowns. I started to do research on the internet. When I found this place, they said that my gums might have problems and that's why my pain might be because of this. When I came to the clinic, we learnt that I had inflammation in my gums. Gum treatment was started quickly. first they made a proving and although it was a trial, it was very nice. After my recovery was complete, I went again and they took my impression. I had even more beautiful teeth than in the trial.
Pauline G. 25.10.2022
During our planned holiday in Turkey, I learnt that the dental service prices here are affordable. I met Mr. Bilal from the research I did on the internet. With his interest and quick guidance, we made an appointment to the dental clinic. I had a very fast and painless treatment process. At the end of the day, my veneer was natural and real like as I wanted.
Elena 02.05.2023
I was sure that my teeth would look different, so I thought I would feel better. I contacted with the recommendation of a friend. We met online, dentist Ege said that my smile was very aesthetic. At first I didn't understand why he did this, I thought it would be better to research other places, but during the conversation I realised that he cared about natural teeth. He also understood my concerns, I decided to be treated. Turkey is already a country where I have visited a lot, I like to spend summers in Antalya. I prepared my trip and set off for Istanbul. We completed my treatment in a short time, I am very satisfied.
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