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Dental Treatments Price List in Turkey

Turkey is a suitable destination for dental treatment services in terms of price quality balance. Let us support you to have a perfect experience.

Dental Implants Package For more information please visit treatment pagePriceTime Scale
All on four Evoss Dental Implants with Fixed Prothesis (per jaw)£ 36252 Visits
All on four Alpha-Bio Dental Implants with Fixed Prothesis (per jaw)£ 43502 Visits
All on four Nobel Dental Implants with Fixed Prothesis (per jaw)£ 57502 Visits
All on six Evoss Dental Implants with Fixed Prothesis (per jaw)£ 41102 Visits
All on six Alpha-Bio Dental Implants with Fixed Prothesis (per jaw) £ 57502 Visits
All on six Nobel Dental Implants with Fixed Prothesis (per jaw)£ 77002 Visits
Smile Makeover Package  For more information please visit treatment pagePriceTime Scale
Metal Porcelain Crowns (12 crowns)  £1530Single Visit
Zirconium Crowns (12 crowns) £ 2150Single Visit
emax Crowns (12 crowns) £ 3580Single Visit
Laminate Veneers(12 veneers) £ 3590Single Visit
Composite Bonding (12 teeth)£ 1300Single Visit
Dental ImplantsPriceTime Scale
Evoss Dental Implants£ 3152 Visits
Bego Dental Implant £ 4352 Visits
Alpha-Bio Dental Implant £ 4352 Visits
Nobel Dental Implant £ 6452 Visits
Straumann Dental Implant £ 7202 Visits
Crowns & VeneersPriceTime Scale
Metal Porcelain Crown£ 130Single Visit
Zirconium Crown£ 195Single Visit
emax Crown£ 325Single Visit
Laminate Veneers£ 325Single Visit
Composite Bonding£ 110Single Visit
Clear Aligners & OrthodonticsPriceTime Scale
Invisalign Comprehensive £ 32457 Visits
Invisalign Moderate£ 27507 Visits
Invisalign Lite£ 24405 Visits
Invisalign Express£ 21304 Visits
Metal Braces Orthodontics£ 173012 Visits
Other TreatmentsPriceTime Scale
Teeth Whitening In-Office (scaling is included)£ 260Single Visit
Teeth Whitening At-Home (scaling is included) £ 210Single Visit
Teeth Whitening In-Office + At-Home (scaling is included)£ 420Single Visit
Tooth Extraction £ 30Single Visit
Complicated Tooth Extraction £ 40Single Visit
Impacted Tooth Extraction £ 125Single Visit
Impacted Tooth Extraction with Bone Retention £ 170Single Visit
Dental Inlays & Onlays (ceramic)   £ 175Single Visit
Composite Dental Filling (a face)  £ 48Single Visit
Composite Dental Filling (2-3 faces)  £ 60Single Visit
Root Canal Treatment (dental filling is included)  £ 150Single Visit
General Anaesthesia £ 345Single Visit
Sedation£ 260Single Visit
Dental Curettage (per jaw)£ 180Single Visit
Gingival Flap Surgery (half of a jaw)£ 165Single Visit
Gingivectomy (per tooth)£ 50Single Visit
Teeth Cleaning£ 60Single Visit
Free Dental Services or General ServicesPrice
Consultation Free
Panaromic X-ray  Free
Dental Tomography  Free
3D Intraoral Scan  Free
Examination  Free
Smile Design Genaration by AI Free
Temporary Dental Crowns (included dental implant package or smile makeover package)Free
Teeth Cleaning  (included dental implant package or smile makeover package or teeth whitening)Free
Composite Dental Fillings (included smile makeover package)Free
Tooth Extraction  (included dental implant package)Free
Local Anesthesia  Free
Transfers between airport, dental center and hotelFree
Consultation on flights and accommodationFree
Aftercare RemindersFree
Follows up for the completion of your treatmentFree
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