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Things to do in Ankara During Dental Treatment

Turkey's capital Ankara is excellent in dental treatments as well as in the activities to be held in the city.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and a city with a historical past. While it bears the traces of different civilisations such as Phrygians, Hittites, Persians and Romans, the city came under Turkish rule with the entry of Turks into Anatolia. Conquered by the Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan in 1073, Ankara was later used as a provincial centre during the Ottoman Empire.

In 1923, with the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, Ankara was declared the capital. Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the new centre of government was moved from Istanbul to Ankara. This is considered the beginning of Turkey's modernisation and restructuring period. Ankara became the political, administrative and economic centre of Turkey.

Today, Ankara is not only one of the most important cities in Turkey, but also strategically located. Many government institutions, embassies and diplomatic missions are located in Ankara. It also attracts attention with its modern infrastructure. Ankara's historical past and its role today has played an important role in the development of Turkey.


Ankara View


What can you do in Ankara during your treatment process?

Ankara is a city that offers excellent opportunities for you to complete your holiday with unlimited cultural activities and discoveries as well as your treatment. Some of the activities you can do in Ankara are as follows:

Discovering Historical Values: You can witness the deep-rooted history of Ankara by visiting the historical buildings in the city and seeing the magnificent architectural works.

Visiting Religious and Sacred Sites: You can explore sacred and religious sites bearing the traces of different civilisations.

Parks Intertwined with Nature: In the large and natural parks in Ankara, you can spend time in touch with nature.

Discovering Flavours: You can experience new tastes in various restaurants in the central areas of the city.

Shopping and Entertainment: For shopping enthusiasts, you can visit Ankara's numerous shopping and entertainment centres.

Cultural Events: To enjoy artistic experiences, you can take cultural excursions to the theatres and museums in Ankara.

Ankara is an ideal city to complete your holiday with unlimited cultural activities, entertainment and discoveries as well as your treatment.




Historical Places and Architectural Structures:

The main historical sites and places that reflect Ankara's rich historical heritage and cultural importance and offer visitors the opportunity to trace the past are as follows:

  • Anıtkabir
  • Ankara Castle
  • Pink Pavilion
  • Brass Inn
  • Mehmet Akif Ersoy House
  • Roman Wall
  • Ankara Baghouse
  • Pilavoglu Han
  • Ankara Palas
  • Turan Shah Tomb

Ankara is a city that attracts attention with its rich historical heritage. The historical walls of Ankara Castle, the national importance of Anıtkabir and historical sites such as the Roman Wall reflect the historical texture of the city to its visitors.


Ankara Castle


Sacred and Religious Sites:

Ankara attracts attention not only with its history but also with its sacred and religious places. Some of these sacred and religious buildings are as follows:

  • Kocatepe Mosque
  • Haci Bayram Mosque
  • New mosque
  • Maltepe Mosque
  • Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque
  • Doğramacızade Ali Sami Pasha Mosque
  • Arslanhane Mosque
  • Melike Hatun Mosque
  • Beştepe National Mosque
  • Tacettin Sultan Mosque
  • St Paul's Church
  • Church of St Clement
  • St Nicholas Church
  • Church of St John

These sites are sacred places of pilgrimage for people of different faiths and offer visitors a religious and cultural experience. Ankara is an important religious centre with these holy sites reflecting religious diversity and tolerance.



Ankara stands out with its rich cultural heritage and historical past. The main museums hosted by Ankara are as follows:

  • Anıtkabir Atatürk and War of Independence Museum
  • Ethnography Museum 
  • Rahmi M. Koç Museum
  • Ali Kuşçu Astronomy Centre
  • Ulucanlar Prison Museum
  • MTA Martyr Cuma Dag Natural History Museum
  • Altinkoy Open Air Museum
  • Cin Ali Museum
  • Gordion Museum
  • Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences Toy Museum
  • Ziraat Bank Museum
  • Eritman Museum of Archaeology and Art
  • Ataturk House Museum
  • Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum
  • State Cemetery Museum

These museums hosted by Ankara offer visitors the opportunity to get to know the history, culture and art of the city more closely.


Kocatepe Mosque



Ankara is an attractive city for nature lovers with its green areas and parks. The capital is home to many beautiful parks, from Atatürk Forest Farm in Gölbaşı to Gençlik Park. Some of Ankara's large and historical parks are as follows:

  • Atatürk Forest Farm
  • Youth Park
  • Seğmenler Park
  • Ahlatlibel Facilities Park
  • Goksu Park
  • Dikmen Valley Park
  • Swan Park
  • Wonderland
  • Victory Park
  • Lausanne Park
  • Botanical Park

These parks are beautiful spots that allow visitors to meet nature. It is a great option for those who want to experience peaceful moments and enjoy the green beauties of the city.


Central Points:

Some of the central points located in different parts of Ankara are as follows:

  • Hamamonu- Altındağ
  • Atakule
  • Kuğulu Park
  • Kizilay Square
  • Akköprü of Ankara
  • Musa Aga Mosque
  • Roman Wall
  • Pilavoglu Han

These central points represent important areas for touristic, cultural and leisure activities in the city.


Sihhiye Square


Shopping and Entertainment Centres:

Some of the major shopping and entertainment centres in Ankara are as follows:

  • ANKAmall Shopping Centre
  • Armada Shopping Centre
  • Nata Vega Outlet
  • Cepa Shopping Centre
  • Kentpark Shopping Centre
  • Gordion Shopping Centre
  • 365 Shopping Centre
  • Next Level Shopping Mall
  • Metromall Shopping Centre
  • Anatolium Shopping Centre 
  • Reverse House Ankara
  • Waterpark Cankaya
  • Runoavian Flight Simulator Solutions

These shopping and entertainment centres are popular choices for those who want to eat, experience different entertainment activities and have a pleasant time in the city. Theatre, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events are frequently held in Ankara. You can also enjoy the world of art and culture by following the programmes of these events.


Local Flavours of Ankara’s Kitchen:

Some local flavours and places you must taste in Ankara:

  • Eating kokoreç in Atatürk Forest Farm.
  • Eating delicious doner kebab in Aspava, one of Ankara's famous doner restaurants.
  • Tasting the delicious Ankara Tavac at Tavacı Recep Usta.
  • Eating liver skewers that leave a mark on the palate at Mersinli Ciğerci Apo.
  • Savouring the delicious lahmacun at Düveroğlu.
  • Trying traditional Ankara Tava and Kuzu Kapama flavours at Boğaziçi Lokantası.
  • Taking a sweet break with creamy baklava at Baklavacı Hacıbaba.
  • Enjoying the marvellous kunafeh at Urfalı Hoca.

Ankara's local cuisine usually focuses on meat-based and hearty flavours. Especially meat dishes such as döner, kebab, Ankara Tavası and liver are indispensable in the traditional cuisine of the city.




Ankara Transport Facilities

There are various options for providing transport in Ankara. ''Ankarakart'' is used in public transport in Ankara. The means of transport in Ankara are as follows:

  • Metro, Light rail system (Ankaray)
  • Bus
  • Cable Car 
  • Suburban Train
  • Minibuses
  • Taxi
  • Private Car Hire
  • Bicycle Hire

Transport in Ankara offers a wide range of options and allows you to easily reach many points in the city.


Accommodation Options in Ankara:

There are many different options for accommodation in Ankara. Accommodation options in Ankara are as follows:

  • Hotel
  • Hotel Apartments and Suites
  • Hostel
  • Aparthotels
  • Homestays
  • Airbnb

There are different accommodation options in different parts of Ankara. Areas such as the city centre, Kızılay and Çankaya are popular among those close to hotels and restaurants. Considering your needs and preferences when booking accommodation can make your treatment and holiday experience more enjoyable.

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