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Things to do in Fethiye During Dental Treatment

Fethiye is an ideal place for those who want to have a joyful holiday with successful dental treatments. You should discover Fethiye with its cultural structure, geographical location and unique bays.

Activities you need to spend time in Fethiye: Chilling or Adventure

Fethiye, a district of Muğla, is located in the west of the Mediterranean region and has been an important settlement centre since ancient times. This city, founded by the Lycians in ancient times, was named Telmessos. Telmessos means "People of the Land of Light". Telmessos was under the rule of Persians in 545 BC and under the rule of Alexander the Great in 333 BC.

With the death of Alexander the Great, Fethiye came under the rule of the Egyptian King Ptalomus. Later, it was occupied by the Roman Empire and the city was named Meğri, that is, "distant land". With the division of the Roman Empire, this city was included in the borders of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire.
Meğri, today's name Fethiye, came under Ottoman rule in 1424. In 1874, this city, which was connected to Menteşe Liva, was connected to Muğla province with the proclamation of the Republic.

Fethiye name; In memory of Fethi Bey, one of the first pilots whose plane was shot down, it was given to the city in 1934 and became Fethiye. Fethiye is a touristic region that stands out with its historical and cultural richness.


What can you do in Fethiye during your dental treatment process?

Fethiye is one of the most important touristic regions with its beaches, nightlife, artistic and cultural activities. For this reason, there are many activities that can be done in Fethiye.

Exploring Historical Riches and Central Points: Fethiye, with its deep-rooted and rich history, has various cultural heritages. It bears the traces of history reaching from ancient Rome to the present day. While visiting the historical buildings in Fethiye, you can discover the cultural heritage and central points of the city.

Beach Enjoyment: Fethiye is one of the most suitable options for holiday with its eye-catching beaches and clear sea and warm sands. You can crown your holiday with the sea, sun and sand trio.

Tasting the Flavours: Fethiye stands out with its Mediterranean cuisine and local flavours. Here you can experience the prominent local flavours of Mediterranean cuisine.

Ancient Cities and Museums: By visiting the ancient cities and museums in Fethiye, you can learn about the deep-rooted history and rich cultural heritage of the region.

Fethiye, a district of Muğla, offers tourists an excellent holiday experience with its nature, culture and history.

Fethiye Town


Historical and Architectural Buildings

Fethiye is a region with cultural heritage with its historical and cultural richness. You can visit the ancient theatres, tombs, ancient cities, castles in the region and witness the various beauties of the region. Among the cultural heritage of Fethiye, the prominent ones are as follows:

  • Fethiye King Tombs
  • Fethiye Old Town
  • Tlos Ancient City
  • Pinara Ancient City
  • Abandoned Kayakoy Village
  • Letoon
  • Afkule Monastery
  • Telmessos Ancient City
  • Kibyra
  • Fethiye Castle
  • Monument to Tayyareci Fethi Bey
  • Sidyma Ancient City
  • Telmessos Ancient Theatre
  • Araxa Ancient City

These historical and architectural buildings offer the opportunity to discover Fethiye's rich and deep-rooted history more closely. At the same time, these buildings provide tourists with an atmosphere full of history with their eye-catching architectural beauty.

Central Points

By visiting the central points of Fethiye, you can have the opportunity to experience the local life. Some important central points of Fethiye are as follows:

  • Fethiye Square
  • Fethiye Bazaar
  • Paspatur Bazaar
  • Beskaza Square
  • Bar Street
  • Karagozler Neighbourhood
  • Fethiye Old Town
  • Waterfall Collar Park
  • Hisaronu
  • Kadyanda

These central points offer a variety of options for visitors who want to explore Fethiye and experience entertainment activities.

Ancient Cities and Museums

Fethiye has hosted many important civilisations with its rich historical and cultural heritage. Among the ancient cities and museums recommended to visit in Fethiye are the following:

  • Fethiye Museum
  • Amintas Ruins
  • Gemiler Island
  • Lycian Way
  • Tlos Ancient City
  • Letoon Ancient City
  • Kayakoy Museum
  • Pinara Ancient City
  • Telmessos Ancient City

The museums and ancient cities in Fethiye are full of artefacts that reveal the historical and cultural richness and diversity from ancient times to the present day.

Kayakoy Museum Fethiye


Bays and Beaches

Fethiye also stands out with its bays and beaches. Some of the bays and beaches that must be visited are as follows:

  • Oludeniz
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Gemiler Beach (Gemile Bay)
  • Kabak Bay
  • Aksazlar Bay
  • Katranci Bay
  • Kizilada
  • Boynuzbükü
  • Turunç Spring
  • Belcekiz Beach
  • Calis Beach
  • Kuleli Beach
  • Patara Beach

Fethiye beaches and coves with natural beauties and calming features are indispensable places for visitors.


Shopping and Entertainment Centres

Some shopping and entertainment points in Fethiye are as follows:

  • Fethiye Bazaar
  • Paspatur Bazaar
  • Calis Bazaar
  • Bar Street
  • Beach Clubs
  • Bars and Restaurants

Fethiye's historical and touristic shopping areas are quite diverse. By visiting these shopping and entertainment points in Fethiye, you can experience Fethiye's local products, local flavours and participate in entertainment activities.


Local Flavours and Places to Visit

Fethiye's food culture consists of flavours inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and reinterpreted with its own local ingredients. The prominent flavours generally consist of seafood, olive oil dishes and local products. Fethiye's famous dishes and restaurants to visit are as follows:

  • Ölemeç Soup
  • Ciry Grass Dish
  • Yellow Grass Roast
  • Aubergine with Bulgur
  • Babadag Keşkeği
  • Leğen Pastry
  • Tomato with Bulgur
  • Roasted Silcan Herb
  • Try the grilled octopus and calamari with cream at Sezai'nin Yeri.
  • Toast flatbread at Efe Bakery.
  • Eating ice cream at Camialtı Dondurmacısı.

There are different options for tasting local flavours and eating in Fethiye. In Fethiye, it is possible to experience traditional Turkish dishes and Mediterranean cuisine prepared with seafood and fresh vegetables.

Leto Temple


Fethiye Transport Facilities

Transport in Fethiye is usually carried out on foot. However, it is more common to use minibuses or rent a car to go to the beaches and bays.

Road Transport Vehicles

The means of transport that provide intra-regional transport in Fethiye are as follows:

  • Dolmus
  • Taxi
  • Private Car Hire
  • Walking and Cycling

Most touristic areas in Fethiye are close to the centre, so transportation is quite easy.


Sea Road Vehicles

It is possible to realise sea transportation from Fethiye. Fethiye sea road vehicles are as follows:

  • Ferries
  • Boat trips
  • Sea taxi
  • Yacht Charter

Sea transportation in Fethiye is mostly preferred by touristic travellers. You can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea with sea cruises from Fethiye.

Paragliding Fethiye


Fethiye Accommodation Options

Accommodation options vary in Fethiye, a touristic region. Some accommodation options in Fethiye are as follows:

  • Hotels and holiday villages
  • Homestays
  • Boutique hotels
  • Hostels
  • Apart hotels
  • Campsites
  • Airbnb
  • Apart hotels
  • Villa hire

Fethiye, a touristic region, has many accommodation options. For this reason, you can easily reach the accommodation facilities for your preferences and needs.

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