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Elena's Emax Laminate Veneers Treatment

Elena wanted a smile makeover. Therefore, she contacted Cure Voyage. Please check out her dental treatment plan, emax laminate veneers cost and feedback.

Total Cost £ 3.250

Elena's teeth were beautiful, but she wanted a different smile. We tried to convince her to keep her healthy tooth tissue. She was very motivated, she had a model in her mind. We decided that the best choice was emax veneers and started the process.


Firstly, we took photographs in our dental studio. We took impressions with a 3D intraoral scanner and shared them with the laboratory. Using the photos and scanned intraoral images, we created the model of the new teeth digitally. It was as Elena wished. The laboratory started production and after 5 days, emax crowns arrived at our clinic. We performed the veneers in her mouth on the same day. We achieved a successful result and we informed our patient about the aftercare and she went to her country.

Treatment Plan

10 unit of emax veneers are planned.

£ 3.250 Time Scale: 6 Days City: Istanbul

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Elena's comment on her treatment experience
Elena 02.05.2023
I was sure that my teeth would look different, so I thought I would feel better. I contacted with the recommendation of a friend. We met online, dentist Ege said that my smile was very aesthetic. At first I didn't understand why he did this, I thought it would be better to research other places, but during the conversation I realised that he cared about natural teeth. He also understood my concerns, I decided to be treated. Turkey is already a country where I have visited a lot, I like to spend summers in Antalya. I prepared my trip and set off for Istanbul. We completed my treatment in a short time, I am very satisfied.
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