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Glenn's Invisalign in Turkey

Glenn came to Turkey with his family. Before university, he wanted to treat the angle of his teeth and dental gaps.

Total Cost £ 2660
Treatment Plan

Invisalign Lite and Composite Bonding for 2 Teeth


Glenn T. broke 2 teeth as a result of an accident in his childhood. These teeth were filled and the fillings were aged. Glenn was unhappy because of the gaps between his teeth. He also did not like the angle of his front two teeth. He wanted to have his teeth done before he started university. He decided to have invisalign in Turkey with his family.


Firstly, we treated the gap between the teeth with Invisalign. We also corrected the angle of the front teeth. Invisalign Lite was enough. Glenn visited Turkey 4 times in a period of 8 months. During his last visit, we replaced the old fillings in his front teeth with composite bonding. We performed lingual retrainer to maintain the alignment of the teeth. We produced an sx plate for him to use at night and delivered it to him. Glenn was very happy. He said he wanted to study at a dentistry faculty.

£ 2660 Time Scale: 4 Visits City: Istanbul

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Glenn's comment on his treatment experience
Glenn T. 10.01.2024
Dr Berra performed my orthodontic treatment. I was comfortable with clear aligners, we thought it would look better than braces. Thank you very much to the Cure Voyage team and Dr Berra.
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