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Jonah Dental Implants in Turkey

Jonah decided to have his dental implants done in Turkey. Because he wants to benefit from quality dentistry at affordable prices.

Total Cost £ 6975
Treatment Plan

4 tooth extractions, 5 AlphaBio dental implants upper jaw, 4 AlphaBio dental implants lower jaw, 24 metal supported porcelain veneers


Jonah suffered from missing teeth. This had a negative impact on his life comfort. He wanted to chew more comfortably.


The specialist dentist examined Jonah and found that he had jawbone loss. The dentist extracted 4 teeth in the upper jaw. He performed 5 Alphabio dental implants Turkey in the upper jaw. He performed 4 dental implants in the lower jaw. In order for Jonah to have an aesthetic smile in Turkey, dental implants and remaining teeth were crowned with Turkey veneers.

£ 6975 Time Scale: 2 Visits City: Istanbul

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