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Jacob's Zirconium Crowns Treatment

Jacob wanted to have an aesthetic smile in Turkey. He met with Cure Voyage. Please have a look to his dental treatment plan, zirconium crowns cost and feedback.

Total Cost £ 2.150
Treatment Plan

12 unit of zirconium crowns are planned.


Jacob was complaining of crowding in his teeth and also the yellow colour. He told us that he wanted a Hollywood smile that will never turn yellow again. And he also told us that he is going to marry next month!


In order to build a Hollywood smile we started with taking pictures of his smile in our studio. After photos we started preperations and luckily we did not need any root canal treatment. We took our impressions digitally and send them immediately to our lab not to lose time. They paired the photos and 3D digital smile design with our digital impression. After 4 days, we finished and luted the zirconium crowns to our young male patient( thats also the reason why we did not chose emax crowns because of his jaw strength). He said everything went perfect in his wedding and he is so confident while smiling afterwards.

£ 2.150 Time Scale: 5 Days City: Istanbul

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Jacob's comment on his treatment experience
Jacob C. 04.06.2023
I have my wedding next month and I want everything to be perfect. I was not happy with the shape and colour of my teeth. I had some friends who had their teeth done in Turkey. I quickly searched the internet and met this team. They accompanied me throughout my entire treatment. I am very pleased with the clinic they recommended to me. I would like to thank my dentists and their team for giving me this beautiful smile before my wedding.
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