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Pauline's Zirconium Crown Treatment

Pauline had a blackened tooth. She wanted it to look like her other real teeth. We fulfilled her wish with a zirconium crown.

Total Cost £ 195
Treatment Plan

No:15 tooth is going to be a zirconium crown.


Pauline was really unhappy with her blackened premolar tooth that ruins her smile. But she did not want anything not natural and easily recognised by other people. So we thought we have to use an opac material that should prevent the light gets in and look natural without showing the tooths’ darkened colour. We took her photos in our studio and tried to make exactly the same colour with her natural teeth.


We make our preperation and took the impressions. After 3 days we made our zirconium crown and luted it with resin cement for permanent result. At the end she could not choose which one was the crown.

£ 195 Time Scale: 4 Days City: Istanbul

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Pauline's comment on her treatment experience
Pauline G. 25.10.2022
During our planned holiday in Turkey, I learnt that the dental service prices here are affordable. I met Mr. Bilal from the research I did on the internet. With his interest and quick guidance, we made an appointment to the dental clinic. I had a very fast and painless treatment process. At the end of the day, my veneer was natural and real like as I wanted.
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